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  • Gaby Moreno
    • Dauner // Dauner
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      • Son del Nene
        • Conexion Cubana

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Seabstian Schunke Symbiosis

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Salsa Cubana Download

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Soneros de Verdad

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PP Banda Salsa Cubana

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Calle Real Me Lo Gane

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The Bar At Buena Vista

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Hola Bachata 2

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Musica Cubana and Salsa at TERMIDOR MUSIC

Latin American music, like Musica Cubana, has been our passion at Termidor Music ever since 1984. Termidor manages more than 30,000 musical works in all these styles: Son, Musica Cubana, Salsa, Salsa Cubana, Merengue, Latin Jazz, Tango Nuevo, Reggaeton and Bachata music. They are published on the TIMBA, CONNECTOR, MESSIDOR and BACHATIANDO labels.

The MESSIDOR label has released the most outstanding musicians of Musica Cubana and the other styles: Gonzalo Rubalcaba, who blended Musica Cubana with American jazz or Astor Piazzolla, whose Tango Nuevo made tango so successful again in Europe; and many more. You can find outstanding Musica Cubana albums on our web site under the category "Musica Cubana". Cuban music such as Musica Cubana is an ageless classic.

TIMBA, the "Salsa" label, deals mainly with Salsa Cubana. The term SALSA was coined in New York, but it goes back to Cuban "SON". Here at TIMBA, we view Salsa Cubana as combining the styles of "SON", "SONGO", "TIMBA", "GUARACHA", also "MAMBO" and Cha Cha Cha. "SALSA" is the blend of all these Cuban styles.

TIMBA has published pioneering groups, for example:

  • Los Van Van
  • Pupy y los que Son Son
  • and stars of the Buena Vista Social Club such as Pio Leiva or Luis Frank Arias.

Musica Cubana - the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, in which Wim Wenders presented Cuba's young talent.

CONNECTOR, true to its name, aims to combine different styles:

  • Latin Jazz with classical music (Jazz Sampler)
  • classical music with Musica Cubana
  • Salsa with Son
  • Bachatiando
  • Reggaeton; and
  • Bachata, which really comes from the Dominican Republic but is strongly oriented toward Musica Cubana

Termidor Music publishes most of the music tracks released on its labels and markets them worldwide in all fields:

  • All types of sound carriers
  • Digital downloads (Salsa or Bachata for example as downloads)
  • Streaming
  • Physical sales via digital services
  • Overdubbing and synchronisation for movies and commercials

Promotion in the press, on TV and radio, and online promotion

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