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Soneros De Verdad Pio Leiva - Rubalcaba - Luis Frank

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Soneros De Verdad Pio Leiva - Rubalcaba - Luis Frank


Soneros de Verdad present Pío Leiva * Rubalcaba * Luis Frank In the ranks of Soneros de Verdad you can find old respected cult greats of the Cuban music scene, who take the limelight now and again for particular special events. For example, on "A Buena Vista: Barrio de la Habana" you were able to hear those seventy-plus-year-old veterans, Manuel "Puntillita" Licea and Rudy Calzado, in special sections; the album "El run run de los Soneros" gave particular prominence to Cesar "Pupi" Pedroso; and on "Soneros de Verdad present Pio Leiva" that old legend, Pio Leiva, born 1917, was honoured with a leading role. Now on this latest album the spotlights are on Pio Leiva, Guillermo "Rubalcaba" Gonzalez and Luis Frank. PIO LEIVA, the last of the old gentlemen of the Buena Vista Social Club, died peacefully on 23rd March 2006 in Havana. He was the living legend of Cuban music, the 89-year-old star of the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB and the unrivalled vocalist for SONEROS DE VERDAD. With the Soneros he had toured all the countries of Europe since 2000 with great success. In 2004 he was the star of the movie “Wim Wenders presents MUSICA CUBANA”, which has been shown in 18 countries and which portrayed Pio Leiva once more on the great stages of the world: Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Great Britain. Don Pio began his career as a bongo player at age 12 and has remained unforgotten to this day. RUBALCABA, the man from the province of Pinar del Rio, was born in 1927 and from an early age developed his skills to become a sought-after pianist. He was a member of the groups Ases del Ritmo and Monte Carlo, toured with the orchestra of Enrique Jorrin (the inventor of Cha Cha Cha) and the Afro Cuban All Stars; and in recent years recorded with Jane Bunnett, Septeto Nacional and Orquesta Sensacion. Since 2004 he has been the star of the musical “THE BAR AT BUENA VISTA”, a global success with the public. Luis Frank, who first belonged to the Orquesta Revé, then to Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos, toured with the Buena Vista Social Club and the Afro Cuban All Stars all over the world and then founded the SONEROS DE VERDAD; together they were awarded the DEUTSCHER JAZZ PREIS in 2003 for their album “SONEROS DE VERDAD: Buena Vista- Barrio de la Habana”. Under his “nickname” THE MACRY he presents young Cuban R&B and hip-hop musicians (“Babalochas” and “Esencia” are on TIMBA RECORDS). These exceptional vocalists are joined by guitarist Manuel de la Cruz (known for his work with Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Poruondo), conga drummer Yulien Oviedo Sánches (Buena Vista Social Club) and tres-player Maracaibo Oriental (Beny Moré), all exquisite instrumentalists.

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