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Soneros De Verdad El Run Run De Los Soneros

Soneros de Verdad: "El run run de los Soneros" --- "There's not a foot that can stay still. This music is simply irresistible." (bloom.de) --- "exuberant joy of playing " (WOM-Journal) --- "This disc is [...]

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Soneros De Verdad El Run Run De Los Soneros


Soneros de Verdad: "El run run de los Soneros" --- "There's not a foot that can stay still. This music is simply irresistible." (bloom.de) --- "exuberant joy of playing " (WOM-Journal) --- "This disc is fascinating in its authenticity - at last it is what 'sweeps us back' to the origins of the Cuban wave." (jazzdimensions.de) --- "a thoroughly pleasing example of timeless Cuban sound " (Jazziz) --- "a thoroughly excellent album from beginning to end" (yahoo.de) --- "radiates hot-blooded passion and a strong sense of tradition " (Billboard) --- "a further remarkable performance of Cuba's musical wealth" (cdnow.com) --- "excellent musicians" (Urban Mozaik Magazine) --- That was the praise in the reviews about a year and a half ago. The critics outdid each other in their enthusiasm after Soneros de Verdad released "A Buena Vista: Barrio de la Habana". Juan de Marcos, who had made a name for himself as the musical director of the world-famous Buena Vista Social Club in the mid-1990s, had drummed together old greats and aspiring new Cuban talents for the album. With them he played an enchanting mixture of son, danzón and jazz which was sold to over 50,000 delighted fans in Germany alone. A huge success which was honored in April 2001 with a much sought-after award: during a performance at the "Circus Krone" in Munich, Soneros de Verdad were awarded the "German Jazz Prize". But the success story did not stop there: in Cuba the album headed the Top 20 for almost six months, in Japan it likewise topped the charts, and in Greece it stormed right to the front. There, in Athens, Soneros de Verdad experienced one of the live highlights of their career: at the "Night Of The Euro" new year festival they appeared in front of 100,000 people with extracts from "A Buena Vista: Barrio de la Habana"; the six-hour show was broadcast live by Greek television. The title track of the CD, "A Buena Vista", became a radio classic last summer and a cult song for all lovers of Latin music. And at the many concerts which the formation has given since the album was released, this track has been the audience's favourite. Between November 2000 and June 2001 thousands of listeners have applauded this number with delight. It bears mention here that the tour sold about 200,000 tickets! You don't need to be a prophet to predict that the euphoria of the fans will be topped by this new disc "El run run de los Soneros": because this time the band from Fidel Castro's country have excelled even themselves. The album, produced at the Abdala Studios in Havana, keeps the listener constantly delighted with up-to-date arrangements of old hits and new original compositions, with fiery Latin rhythms and passionate ballads. There is certainly no lack of catchy tunes; for example the opening track "El run run de los Soneros" with its unforgettable refrain and its decidedly life-loving mood will instantly hold you spellbound. "Amorosa Guajira", an ode to feminine magic, revives the sound of Cuba in the 50s and captures the listener with its ballad-style sing-along tunes. And finally the arrangement of the old hit "Cachita" by Rafael Hernández settles straight down in the ear passages. Soneros de Verdad includes some of the most popular artists of the Cuban music scene. For instance the musical director Luis Frank (Compay Segundo), pianist Guillermo Rubalcaba, 85-year-old living legend Pio Leiva, trumpeters Yanko Pizaco (Buena Vista Social Club) and Daniel „El Gordo“ Ramos (Afro Cuban All Stars); and singer Teresa García Caturla (known from her work with D'Aida, Ibrahim Ferrer and the Estrellas de Areíto). They are joined by prominent guests on a number of tracks. On "Changüi a Revé" trombonist Juan Pablo Torres (Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D'Rivera, Carlos "Patato" Valdés) has a solo appearance. The danzón evergreen "Almendra" is enriched by members of Charanga Rubalcaba with flute, violin and cello sounds. And César "Pupi" Pedroso, for many years the pianist of Los Van Van, and singer Rudy Calzado, take their bows in "A ripear Yarey". From April, Soneros de Verdad will be going on an extensive European tour with their current album on board. Seventy concerts have been planned initially.

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